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Modern Kebaya Company From West Nusa Tenggara


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Jaleela is a fashion company hailing from the beautiful little island in Indonesia named Lombok. Jaleela offers exclusive attire creations, including Ready-to-Wear and its complement. It is a company that cherishes traditional values and adapts them to modern times. Jaleela promotes culture, art, and creativity.



Jaleela specializes in formal attire, particularly Kebaya (the Indonesian national cloth) for special occasions. #Jaleela designs are exclusive, meticulously detailed, and unique. They are created to enhance a woman's confidence.


Mera and Jenar offers classic attire, inspired by a blend of traditional Indonesian and contemporary clothing. This range includes Kebaya (the Indonesian national cloth), outerwear, obi (belts), skirts, and dresses. Mera and Jenar designs are versatile and suitable for various styles and occasions.


Sehasta Rasa is our fashion label that operates in the field of fashion, offering services for custom made attire and also providing ready-to-wear. At Sehasta Rasa we give customers the opportunity to be directly involved in creating custom-made designs. 


MMOTS is Jaleela's fashion label that operates in the fashion industry. a clothing brand that has a basic but modern nuance, pieces feature bold colors and luxurious fabrics.


​House of Jaleela all brand collections, where everyone is invited to come and experience Jaleela's creations firsthand. Every corner, every shelf, every display at our store, Jaleela House, narrates a tale of design finesse and artistic vision of Jaleela.


Be a Part of the Team.

We at Jaleela Group understand that a career is an important part of life. We are committed to helping you achieve success in your team's career journey. We provide an environment that supports growth, development, and achievement. You can plan, build, and develop a meaningful career.

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Al-Ihsan Building Area, Jl. Adi Sucipto No. 75, Ampenan, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (Lombok Island)

Tel: +62 812-4180-0200  / +62 821-4664-3081    |

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